Asian Roast Lamb With Stir Fried Noodles And Spinach Recipe



  1. 1 x Half leg New Zealand lamb, weighing approximately 1.5kg (3lb 5z)
  2. 2 1/2 x Cm, (1") root ginger, peeled and cut into thin strips
  3. 10 ml Bart Spices Chinese five spice pwdr, (2tsp) Salt & freshly grnd black pepper
  4. 400 ml Water, (14fl ounce)
  5. 2 x Lamb stock cubes
  6. 30 ml Cornflour, (2tbsp)
  7. 30 ml Sherry, (2tbsp)
  8. 15 ml Sesame oil, (1tbsp)
  9. 2 sht Sharwood's Noodles, blanched
  10. 40 gm Fresh spinach, finely shredded (11/2 ounce)


  1. Pierce the lamb with a knife in several places and insert the strips of ginger.
  2. Rub 5ml (1tsp) of the five spice pwdr over the lamb and season.
  3. Place the lamb in a roasting tin in a preheated oven 180 C, 350 F, gas mark 4, for 25-30 min per 450g (1lb) plus 25-30 min.
  4. Remove the lamb from the roasting tin and keep hot.
  5. Remove the fat from the meat juices and add in the water and lamb stock cubes to the roasting tin.
  6. Bring to the boil on the hob and add in the cornflour blended with the sherry, stirring continuously till thickened.
  7. Heat the sesame oil in a frying pan.
  8. Add in the blanched noodles, spinach and the remaining five spice pwdr.
  9. Stir fry for 1-2 min or possibly till the spinach has just wilted.
  10. Carve the lamb in thin slices and serve with noodles, spinach and gravy.
  11. NOTES : A joint of meat makes for easy entertaining, whether it is for Sunday lunch or possibly at any other time.
  12. For a roast with a difference, try this half leg of lamb flavoured with Chinese spices and accompanied by noodles and spinach.
  13. Cut up any leftover meat and use it for a stir-fry.