"Strawberry Hill" Yogurt Mousse No. 2



  1. 500 grams x 2 packs Yogurt
  2. 1 one small pack Strawberries
  3. 7 grams Gelatin
  4. 7 tbsp Water
  5. 1 1/2 tbsp Sugar
  6. 13 grams Gelatin
  7. 8 tbsp Water
  8. 8 tbsp Sugar
  9. 3 grams Gelatin
  10. 3 tbsp Water
  11. 1 tbsp Sugar


  1. Please drain the yogurt for more than one night.
  2. (This will make it less than half the original weight).
  3. Remove the stems from the strawberries, and cut into 4-5 slices vertically.
  4. Use the inner 2-3 slices for decoration, and add the pieces with a bad shape or leftovers into the dome cake.
  5. Please spread out plastic wrap into the bowl.
  6. Place the ingredients for the decoration into a cup, and dissolve for 30 seconds in the microwave.
  7. Add a little bit of the gelatin mixture to the bowl, then place the bowl in some ice water to cool it.
  8. Stick the strawberries to the bottom while it's cooling.
  9. Stick them in while spinning the bowl and add gelatin in the same manner for the second and third rows.
  10. (Place into the fridge for about a minute and spin it...
  11. It's simple to make this while chilling the bowl).
  12. Please chill in the fridge after you have finished.
  13. Use a mixer to add in the leftover strawberries and sugar, and blend it.
  14. After it has turned into a sauce, add in the yogurt and mix some more.
  15. Add the ingredients for the mousse that have been dissolved in the microwave to Step 4 and mix, (Please refer to the comments section for the amount of gelatin) and please pour into the container with the strawberries stuck in it to the very top.
  16. Let chill in the fridge for several hours to solidify, cover with a plate as a lid, flip it upside down and remove the bowl, and please also carefully remove the plastic wrap.
  17. Make the gelatin mixture for the finishing touch by microwaving it, and use a brush etc to coat the outsides with a brush etc.
  18. to give it a glaze, and it is done (I placed one strawberry on top for the photo).
  19. Postscript 1: There will be a variation in how to drain the water and hardness of the yogurt based on the type used.
  20. If you are using a soft yogurt or a yogurt that doesn't reduce by half when drained, then please adjust the hardness by increasing the amount of gelatin.
  21. Postscript 2: If you cut the strawberries thick enough to bury into the gelatin when making this, it will turn out pretty and will give it height without falling apart.
  22. It seems that you should cut them as thinly as possible if you want to give it a good texture.