A Really Cheap Dish With Bok Choy and Pork



  1. 1 bunch Bok choy
  2. 50 grams Pork off-cuts
  3. 20 to 30 grams Cellophane noodles
  4. 1 dash Salt and pepper
  5. 200 ml Chicken soup stock (made with soup stock granules)
  6. 1 tsp Oyster sauce
  7. 1 dash Soy sauce
  8. 1 small mount Kombu tea (optional)
  9. 1 tsp Sesame oil


  1. Cut up the bok choy.
  2. Cut the stem parts into about 8 pieces lengthwise, and the leaf parts into half lengthwise, then cut both into half.
  3. Wash and drain.
  4. Cut up the meat too.
  5. Heat sesame oil in a pan and stir fry the pork.
  6. When the pork is cooked, add the chicken soup and bok choy, plus the cellophane noodles.
  7. When it comes to a boil, add the oyster sauce, soy sauce, and konbu-tea to season.
  8. When the cellophane noodles are soft, it's done.