A Chiffon Cake for Grownup Baked in an Inexpensive Cake Tin



  1. 60 grams Cake flour
  2. 3 Egg white
  3. 1 dash Salt
  4. 25 grams Sugar
  5. 2 Egg yolk
  6. 25 grams Sugar
  7. 40 grams Vegetable oil
  8. 40 grams Hot water (about 85C)
  9. 1/2 tbsp Western liquor (conte or rum)


  1. Sift the cake flour 2~3 times.
  2. Add salt to the bowl with egg whites, whip with a hand mixer (level 3).
  3. Once the peaks are firm that it flops over, add in the sugar in 3~4 batches and whip into a proper meringue.
  4. Add sugar to the egg yolk bowl, and whip well until it turns white and frothy.
  5. (You can use the same whisk!)
  6. Add vegetable oil, hot water, and liquor to the egg yolk bowl, and mix.
  7. Switch to an egg beater, smooth out the meringue from Step 2, and add in 1/3 of the egg yolk bowl.
  8. Add in half of the flour, and mix.
  9. Add in another 1/3 of the meringue, and mix.
  10. (After smoothing out the meringue like before).
  11. Add in the remaining flour, and mix roughly with a rubber spatula.
  12. Finally, add the remaining meringue (after smoothing it out), and mix together well.
  13. Pour the batter into the mold, bake at 180C for 12 minutes, reduce to 170C and bake for another 12 minutes.
  14. Finished.
  15. Immediately flip it upside down to cool.
  16. It looks cool on top of a liquor bottle... Or so I thought, but the its only a $1 mold.
  17. It's smaller than the mouth of the bottle mouth.
  18. Even so, it will go on top.
  19. It looks like a balancing toy.
  20. Remove it from the mold and it's done.
  21. This is a small knife that I have had in my house for a long time.
  22. It is hard to see, but both sides are finely serrated.
  23. Cheese is too hard to cut, it is too small for bread... but it turned out to be extremely useful for removing the cake from the mold.
  24. Could it be a $1 chiffon knife from several years ago?
  25. (It couldn't be!)