Armadillo Eggs



  1. 1 lb Jimmy Dean Sage sausage
  2. 1 lb Jimmy Dean Regular Sausage
  3. 16 oz Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese
  4. 8 oz cream cheese
  5. 1 1/2 tbsp chopped Green Olives with Jalapeno
  6. 2 jars Trappey's Whole Jalapeno (about 10-12 peppers)


  1. Blend the chopped Olives and soften cream cheese
  2. Blend sausages and cheese together
  3. Spilt Jalapenos in half and remove seeds
  4. Stuff the Jalapenos with the cream cheese mixture
  5. Make patties with the sausage & cheese mixture.
  6. Place the stuffed Jalapenos cream cheese side down on the sausage patties.
  7. Wrapping the patty around the pepper sealing the bottom.
  8. Place eggs in a glass lighty greased backing dish seam side down.
  9. Bake 1 hour at 350
  10. NOTE: For a spicier egg substitute with 1 lb Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage.