2 flat desert :) limonlu irmikli muhallebi (lemon desert)



  1. 1 liter milk
  2. 1 glass of semolina
  3. 1 glass of sugar
  4. 1 vanilla extract
  5. 1 liter lemon juice
  6. 4 tbsp starch(farina)
  7. 1/2 glass of sugar


  1. Starting with bottom of this delicious light desert :) It is called "muhallebi" which is a milk desert but when my mommy n me wanna do smth different we prepare n add this jelly looking part on the top as well.
  2. First you need 1 litre of milk.
  3. I prefer light.
  4. Pour it in the pot n than u gotta add 1 glass of semolina n wait like 10 to 15min.s for semolina to absorb milk.
  5. When time is up we can put it on heat start stiring slowly and continue until it boils(bubbles bubbles :))
  6. Before it boils its time to add sugar.
  7. I dnt like so sweet so i prefer 1 glass of sugar n taste if i want it a little bit more sweet than i add more
  8. Semolina starts to widen n widen n please keep stirring we dont wanna make it burn.
  9. And after it boils keep stirring a few more min.s n add vanilla extract (u can use vanilla powder as well but in this case u gotta put it at the same time with semolina) then we can pour this into our big bowl.
  10. I like feeling smell n taste of vanilla so i pour like 1/3 of the bottle.
  11. U can add as much as u wish.
  12. TIP 1: This s a desert already.
  13. After it cools down n u make it rest in fridge n u can serve it with pistachio, nuts, chestnuts, cinnamon or coconut on the top..
  14. When i prefer serving like this i usually pour it into small bowls n than put it upside down on plate so it looks like a dome :) I will add pics of this look as well
  15. 2nd part, building Lemon flat :)) 1litre of lemonade goes into pot :) and 4 tablespoon of starch we add to make it become like jell-o.
  16. Grate lemon for smell and add lemon extract if u like dense lemon taste.
  17. Adding starch u can see in pic n after that add sugar or not (up to ur choice, just taste and decide :))
  18. You gotta stir quickly n gotta cover all around the pot because of starch, it quickly takes a dense form n it sudnt be granulised.
  19. It must be pure so i suggest low heat.
  20. After it boils it gets denser n u can add on first flat which must be pre prepared cooled.
  21. If muhallebi isnt hard they will mix into each other..
  22. Ta taammm readyyy.
  23. Rest it for a while until hotness goes out then put in the fridge n serve cold :)
  24. TIP 2: when i was ill n had diarrhea or i had stomach n/or intestines pain, momma used to prepare a little mixture of starch which is a desert spoon of starch into a tiny glass n add a little warm water n mix n drink.
  25. It helps feeling well.
  26. Grandma get well info :) And also u can just make this lemon desert with or without sugar with tiny amounts if u are ill and eat it when warm.
  27. Makes u feel relaxed at throat n stomach.
  28. But be carefull on lemon amount please.
  29. Some helps u feel well but more makes ur stomach burn more which i wudnt want.
  30. Of course this s just an info we use as quick treatment.
  31. I am not saying dnt go n see dr. Doc.s are so precious.
  32. N i wish u all healthy life time.
  33. Lemon part is a separate desert as well.
  34. U can prepare only that part and serve as well too :))
  35. Hope u like Happppyy dayyssss :)))
  36. Please chck this one out as well sunnyyyy :))