"fried" Brown Rice (Vegetarian)



  1. 2 cups instant brown rice
  2. 12 cup frozen peas and carrot
  3. 4 teaspoons low sodium soy sauce
  4. 12 cup egg white
  5. cooking spray
  6. 2 tablespoons chopped green onions


  1. Start by cooking the instant brown rice according to the directions on the box, but add 1 teaspoons soy sauce to the boiling water.
  2. When it's cooked, let it cool down completely.
  3. In a heated wok or large saute pan, use a few sprays of cooking spray and pour in the rice and the rest of the soy sauce.
  4. Saute the rice in the hot pan for a few minutes, adding in the frozen vegetables.
  5. Cook the egg whites in the microwave, and then cut the "patty" into little squares.
  6. Toss into the rice.
  7. Serve with green onion sprinked on top.