School Girl Pickles(Sweet Spear)



  1. 14 tsp. alum
  2. 12 lb. cucumbers (whole)
  3. 9 c. water
  4. 1 c. salt
  5. 8 lb. sugar
  6. pickling spice


  1. Soak cucumbers 2 weeks in salt water.
  2. After 2 weeks, wash and soak overnight in plain water.
  3. Cut lengthwise and soak in alum water for 6 hours.
  4. Drain off alum water and slightly rinse with cold water.
  5. Heat enough vinegar to cover to the boiling point. Cover cucumbers and let stand for 24 hours.
  6. Drain off vinegar (don't wash).
  7. Place layer of cucumbers and a layer of sugar until all are used.
  8. Add spices tied in a bag in the middle of cucumbers and let stand for 3 days.
  9. They are now ready to put in jars or any large covered container.